How BOOST Works

The BOOST Project centers on compliments.  Many of us don’t know how to properly receive a compliment, much less give one.  All it takes is a little bit of grace, a little bit of gratitude, and a little bit of courage.

First, print a page of the BOOST cards and cut them up.  They’re standard business-card size and will fit in your wallet.  Carry them with you – you never know when you’ll feel the urge to give a boost.

Set yourself a goal – one person a week, maybe, to reach out to.  Pay them a true, heartfelt compliment (see ‘ideas’ page if you need a little help), and hand them a BOOST card.  The card takes the ‘weird’ out of the process – you have a bigger goal that you share with many others.  Just by paying a person a simple compliment you have the potential to improve – at minimum – five minutes of their day.  If they choose to participate in the project as well, you could improve the rest of their life.

The BOOST cards are simple – they refer folks to this website and request that they ‘pay it forward’ by complimenting another person.  If you pay a compliment to one person a week for eight weeks and they all participate, by the end of eight weeks there will be one hundred and twenty-eight people participating.  If no one dropped the ball for six months, the entire population of Seattle could be reached.  Think about the city you live in for a minute.  Now think about how it would feel if people were smiling.  Get the idea?

Give a boost!


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