The BOOST Project has been founded on two premises: that our self esteem – particularly in Western societies – is damagingly low, and that each one of us (yes, YOU!) has the power to do something about it.

Just look around – the media is filled with images of impossibly ‘gorgeous,’ cookie-cutter thin women, men with bulging muscles and unreasonable facial symmetry, promises of love that can only be found if you’re their variety of beautiful (and you’ll become beautiful if you use their product at the low price of $9.99!).  We don’t think about the fact that all of those movie stars and models with perfect skin and amazing figures have makeup artists and Photoshop gurus working around the clock to keep “beautiful” this unattainable ideal.

Now think about real beauty.  It comes with laugh lines, with mistakes, with hugs.  Real beauty brings spare coats to homeless people in November.  Real beauty stays after school to help a struggling student, even on a teacher’s salary.  Real beauty shaves her head to support a young friend with cancer.  A beautiful face can have a distinctive nose, freckles, scars, wrinkles, as long as happiness shines out from the eyes.

So.  Get started by recognizing the beauty around you.  Get some practice.  Running errands?  For every shop you go into, find one beautiful person and pinpoint the trait that you view as beautiful.  Find one simple compliment to hand out, and do this daily.  Use the BOOST cards to take the ‘weird’ out of talking to strangers and a conversation point when complimenting friends.  You have a purpose.  Give a boost.


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